Norton Youth Football

Academics are the cornerstone of our youth football and cheerleading program, both on the field and off. Character, safety, and lessons on how to apply the discipline and challenge of football/cheerleading to the classroom and beyond are incorporated in every aspect of the program. Knights coaches are more than just instructors on the field. The coaches serve as mentors and role models to help children excel in all areas of their lives. They are paradigms of good sportsmanship, strong academic pursuit, and strong character and integrity. Children who may not otherwise have guidance, are provided structure and a safe haven to grow.

96% and higher…
Nationwide, the average number of players on a given youth football team that have a GPA of 96% or higher is approximately 3%. The framework for academic success that we follow has produce an average of 25-33% of players per team with a GPA of 96% of higher.

Coaches are in a unique position to offer incentives for kids to perform well in the classroom and in life. Once the school year begins, the coaches send teacher’s letters home with the player. The letter provides the coaches’ contact information and details the awards available through the Norton Black Knights academic awards program. Teachers are encouraged to give players the opportunity for extra credit and contact the coach if the student is struggling in any areas. Additionally, academic accountability forms are sent home with the kids on Tuesday, the player’s teacher checks and scores the child’s effort and behavior for the week as do the parents. The players that fail to bring an academic accountability paper in for whatever reason are given a zero for the week and they receive remedial conditioning after practice. Our program has a strict “NO GRADES – NO PLAY” policy. Academics come first.